“We started to think about the things that we’re passionate about a couple of years ago and cleaning of course rises to the top. It’s the cousin of organizing. And they really do go hand in hand, we are also passionate germaphobes so we wanted to develop over the counter products and we’re working now to develop under the counter products,” explained Shearer.

“So Rume right now is over the counter which is two sizes of hand sanitizer, wipes, soap, and hand lotion and a little tray that we call the love seat, to put the soap and lotion on. So we’re very passionate about cleaning, and keeping things clean and that’s really where all that stems from.”

Speaking of deep cleaning, that’s what Teplin and Shearer advise starting with when you are getting ready to get to the nitty gritty of spring cleaning.

“It’s an easy place to start when you think about what’s in the words, spring cleaning. People often think about it as just the time to get rid of things and it is. But you have to start with the deep clean. That is really crucial,” said Shearer.

“The easiest thing to do is to think of organizing as a process. You start with a cleanse, then you categorize, then you go to containment, but if you’re an overwhelmed person when it comes to organizing, stick to the cleanse phase first,” she said.


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