Why travel in one direction when you can travel in two? Travelers pack for the outbound journey, often filling up suitcases and carry-ons for every creature comfort or destination’s demand. However, the journey inward can be just as exciting and require no baggage. In fact, meditative travelers might lighten their load by the journey’s end.

The need for meditation and mindfulness is due to the lingering effect of the Covid pandemic. Travel may be struggling to recover, but fears and anxieties still surround travelers who regularly check the Covid guidelines and adjust their itineraries to maximize social distance. Eighteen months of different levels of isolation has changed the way one sees the luxury of travel.

A man who can provide the solution to the effects of spiritual isolation and degradation is John Qreshi.

He believes this is an opportunity to delve deep within ourselves and mend those broken highways that prevent us from reaching our destination. Fear is what holds us back, and his guidance has helped millions of people break through those limitations and overcome the anxiety and sense of the unknown. According to Qreshi, “Courage to accept that fear and turn it into a strength is vital to improving the way we value ourselves as we attempt to try new and daunting experiences.” 

John Qreshi is the founder of Quantum Spiritual Centre based in New York City. A spiritual guide and clairaudient, Qreshi, the best selling author of “Rewiring Your Success,” has applied his research-based teachings to address the anxieties surrounding post-pandemic travel. He has previously outlined seven steps to reducing anxiety that include the traveler’s view of his/her own future. Anxieties increase as travelers wonder if they have the proper paperwork, vaccinations, test results and compliance to enter and exit their selected destination. They might worry that protocols can interrupt their plans, sideline their plans and cost them money. New Covid variants have added to those anxieties as well. 

John Qreshi suggests:

Accept the anxiety - Fighting the anxiety can actually add to the anxiety as the expected results might not be so easy to achieve. The nebulous quality of anxiety should be best countered through breathing exercises, which can be done on a plane, in a hotel room, in a sauna, or just about anywhere.

Bring Awareness to your thoughts - In other words, mindfulness of the state of your thoughts. Mindfulness requires the traveler to be aware of his/her present state of mind. Mindfulness leads to acceptance and a decrease of stress.

Do yoga - This is such a popular means of reducing anxieties that it is widely offered at hotels, resorts and wellness centers. A set of specific poses, combined with breathing techniques and meditation principles are the building blocks of a yoga class. 

Use positive imagery - By simply closing one’s eyes and imagining a pleasant thought, one can alter his/her stress levels. The mental pictures should be vivid and detailed so that the experience can be fully mentally immersive. This is the core of guided meditation, a practice found at nearly all health and wellness resorts.

For travelers who want to continue their mental journey, even after the luggage has been stowed away, Qreshi teaches classes on “uncovering the submerged temple that resides tucked within,” to help battle the anxieties that precede clawing one’s way back to the new normal.

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