When Niraj Naik, a former pharmacist from the UK, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, he had few but unsatisfactory options: colon removal surgery or experimental drugs. Refusing to take either route, Niraj embarked on a journey to find ways to heal his body naturally. His discovery led him to Pranayama, which he incorporated into his daily routine. As a music producer, he saw an opportunity to create something unique: breathing meditations based on Pranayama and soothing rhythmic music. That’s how, on a crossroads between ancient healing practice, modern science, and original music, SOMA Breath school was created.

In his quest to heal, Niraj Naik conducted extensive research into the practices recommended in Pranayama and Ayurveda. He found that modern sciences had growing evidence of the practices that were created by our ancestors thousands of years ago. He combined these practices with yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet. His research led him to self-hypnosis and NLP, this enabled him to discover how these methods are far more effective and amplified when combined with Pranayama Breathwork. Furthermore, he unearthed the intense and powerful effect of music and sound therapy on the brain; these tools were potent for reducing levels of stress, anxiety. As a music producer and DJ, Naik saw a unique opportunity. He gladly combined the modern beats, which were composed of brain-syncing beats, along with the ancient Pranayama practices to create an effective cure—SOMA Breathwork.

It took him six months to heal from the autoimmune disease and about eighteen months to launch his breathwork program. He was eager to share his knowledge and journey of the power of conscious breathing. He wanted people to experience the importance of every breath, to break free from the burdens of the demanding everyday life, and create a peaceful harmony between the mind and body. “If you think about it, life is just a series of inhales and exhales; when you calm your breath, you calm your life. Your quality of thought is also linked to breath: erratic breathing leads to inconsistent thinking, while smooth, consistent breathing leads to continuous, coherent thought. Therefore, finding ways to calm your nervous system has proven effects on your long-term health, both physically and mentally”, says Niraj Naik, founder of SOMA Breath.

We hope that through SOMA Breathwork, people learn to take full control of their health and well-being. We wish Niraj Naik and the SOMA Breath team the best of luck in the important work they do.

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