Mindfulness is the mantra for living life by being more attuned to the present moment. Mindful practices such as meditation, Tai Chi and other spiritual techniques eliminate or reduce the fluctuations of the mind that are ingrained in our systems. What mindful practices teach us is to be able to watch our thoughts and any situation that life puts us in from a detached point of view. Practices such as meditation trains us to witness our own thoughts without judgement so we are able to discern between what is right or wrong for us and take the necessary action.

Yoga, meditation, Tai chi, qigong, and other spiritual practices teach us how to observe our own breath as the first step towards mindful living. When we come into the habit of tuning in to our own breathing then we are more in control of our emotions, actions, and reactions. Meditation techniques such as Sthiti Dhyan, Super Power Meditation, Himalaya Pranam Siddhohum Kriya etc. are helpful in bringing us towards mindfulness and self-development. Meditation and yoga are now famous throughout the world for their endless benefits for what they do for the mind, body and soul.

Yoga through its combination of postures and breathing brings the best of both worlds together for us to effectively master the practice of mindfulness. Yoga postures teach us to remain steady, calm, and comfortable no matter how challenging the pose can be by focusing on the breath. In this way, through practice, we learn to focus on the breath and stay in the posture and can take these lessons off the mat into our own lives as well. Mindfulness allows us to respond to any situation no matter how distressing it could be enabling us to behave in a more intelligent, controlled, and restrained way. Without these practices of mindful living, our emotions can often get the better of us and make a react to situations in an and thinking and impulsive manner.

When we are able to face any situation however challenging it is in a calm and methodical fashion it helps us to stay balanced. And when our emotions are balanced we are less stressed, less prone to become anxious, worried, or depressed. Mindfulness helps you to become positive so you are more resilient and able to bounce back from any situations with more power and more conviction about your own self-worth and success.

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