Gisele Bundchen turned to yoga to overcome “one of the most difficult times of life.”

The model acknowledges that she used self-care practices to help her survive difficult times and says she “became stronger and happier from that period” as a direct result of her choices.

Using Instagram, she says: “Many years ago, after experiencing the most difficult times in my life, I was immersed in a very deep process of getting to know myself better.

“With the help of yoga and meditation, I have become stronger and happier since that time, and I know that no matter how difficult the challenges now emerge, they will always give them the opportunity to change. # Thanks # International Day of Yoga (sic) “

Gisele, meanwhile, previously claimed that he felt better at 40 than at 30.

“I feel better at 40 than at 30”, she said.

And the beauty of blondes is more confident and confident than ever.

She explained: “I think the 40’s will be great. The 20’s are a bit challenging and I’m not going to lie. In the 30’s I knew things. Now in the 40’s I am.” like this! ‘”

The 40-year-old model also recommended “breathing and meditation tools” to help fight anxiety and panic attacks, admitting that “supportive pushes” are needed to get out of the “cycle of worry.” I did.

She states: “From my own experience, I learned that nothing is permanent. A gentle reminder that bad emotions will soon disappear can act like a light of hope. Anxiety consumes everything. You may feel that you are. Help us get out of our vicious circle.

“My own panic attack was difficult for me. I asked for help. At these moments, my family, friends and professionals help me, and my breathing and meditation tools also help me. Most importantly. The thing is to look for alternatives away from inertia. Life is our greatest gift-and every day is worth it. “

Gisele Bundchen turned to yoga during difficult times | Entertainment

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