It is essential to prioritise one’s day, beginning with tasks that need to be done immediately. But it can get difficult sometimes owing to the various distractions, and emotions one feels every day, especially amid the pandemic when people are experiencing stress, anxiety, nervousness, and even anger.

However, it is extremely important to stay calm and relax the mind. If you need help with the same, here’s how actor and fitness enthusiast Sonnalli Seygall manages to unwind in the most difficult of situations.

Taking to Instagram, the Pyaar ka Punchnama actor pointed out, “This is your reminder to just breathe.”

“Have anxiety? Breathe. Stressed? Breathe. Nervous? Breathe. Angry? Breathe,” she mentioned.

How does consciously focussing on your breath help?

“We often underestimate how much just coming back to our breath can do!” she mentioned.

Yoga expert and wellness counsellor Nishtha Bijlani told, “Anxiety is a response to a stressful situation, which causes panic and unrest. Yoga establishes a mind-body connection which helps to reduce the stress response and makes you more mindful. The breath is that driving factor that leads one to a state of calm and rest. Yoga helps in the release of serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine which soothes the nervous system.”

Not sure how to start? Here’s a ready reckoner from the actor.

“Sit in a comfortable position. Start taking deep breaths in and out (keep the exhalation longer), count them. Do it till you feel like it or at least till you are more relaxed than when you started. Happy breathing,” she said.

Bijlani also suggested an effective way.

Deep Belly Breaths: The effects of deep conscious breathing cannot be stressed enough. It directly soothes the nervous system, helping to bring about a calm relaxed state.


Lie down on the back. Use a bolster under the legs or back to feel more rested. Place your palms on the abdomen, one above the navel and other below it. Start by breathing deep into the belly. Deep inhale and exhale. Slowly watch the breath become more natural and slow. Enjoy the process of relaxation.

“This can be done any time of the day, even in the middle of work. Similarly, place palms in a seated position and breathe into the belly,” he said.

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