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Breath Workout For Life Book

As the pace of our world changes, loneliness and uncertainty have increased anxiety and stress. Lack of mental wellbeing, impacts relationships, causes exhaustion; reduces attention span; and disrupts sleep. Leadership trauma, anxiety, and burnout can sabotage brilliant careers and life.

What if you could change all this, by simply changing the way you breathe?

Conscious breathing is often overlooked, as a powerful technology, for overall health and happiness. There is mounting scientific evidence that breathing can change your life. Neuroscience shows a strong connection between breathing rhythms and moods. You can improve your exercise capacity by breathing better.
Breath Workout is rooted in yoga breathing traditions, called ‘pranayama’, and helps to train your breath to regulate your mind and body, for a fitter, stronger and happier you!

Who is this book for?

Conscious breathing is used by meditators; business leaders; elite athletes and navy seals to maintain calm and deliver top performance. High time, we democratize breathwork taking it out of the confines of monastic order and celebrity lifestyle, making it easily accessible.
Breath Workout is written for people, who’s world is about keeping pace with zoom calls, kids, home-schooling, dinner, and dishes. The book is written in a first-person, easy conversation style, steering away from dogma, esoteric rituals, or fancy brain training devices.

Choose your goal.
• It’s just you and your breath to access your inner calm for better decisions. On-demand!
• Tap into your body’s bio-respiratory feedback to build resilience.
• Breathe to empower your gut-brain connection.
• Gift yourself robust digestion and deeper sleep.
• Build exercise capacity. Run faster, swim better, live stronger.
• Create your own cheat-sheet to manage stress and anxiety
Bio respiratory feedback, the best-kept secret of breathwork

Our bodies have a system called bio respiratory feedback, the mechanism in the nervous system that affects your breathing patterns. When you experience different emotions, your breathing patterns change.
• Angry? – Short, rapid, and very hot breaths.
• Maybe you’re sad? – Most people sigh.
• Uncharacteristically happy? – You probably just took a big, full sigh.
• Trying to concentrate? I bet you took one deep breath to find that moment of calm where time stands still.
The good news is the reverse is also true. Changing your breathing can change the mood you’re in? Instead of bottling up your anger and displeasure, you could use your breath, without the frustration of traditional meditation. Humans breathe 22,000 times a day, Make that count.

Rooted in tradition, powered by technology, validated by science

The book follows the sacred rule of all scientific methods– from over 60 research reports, studies, and clinical trials, backing every claim.

Breath WorkOUT for life chapters:

Part I Learn why. Breathing is not just one technique or a new-age fad, but a relationship that ends only with your last exhale.
Part II Remove the barriers to your breath, one step and a time. – Starting with the mechanics of breathing, nasal congestion, acid reflux, emotions, and mental makeup.
Part III Appreciate the Yoga philosophy in action. Knowing the philosophy does not change the outcome of the practice, just increases commitment.
Part IV Learn the nuts and bolts of the techniques and practices for a full breath
Part V Fine-tune the techniques and hack the circadian clock aligning it to your daily rhythm. Appreciate the symphony of nature, via your breath.
Part VI 28 Day Plan, with habit-forming practices and daily reminders. The book is well supported by online videos and the community to support your practice

The Breath Workout For Life Book by Anu Lall is available in paperback and digital from Amazon

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