A six-year-old teaching his brother how to "manage his breathing" to avert a tantrum, has received a flood of praise on social media.

The 21-second clip shows the older boy calmly instructing his crying four-year-old brother to stay calm using his breathing.

"Again," the six-year-old said before encouraging his brother to breathe in and out. "See? It helps you calm down," he told him while gently patting his brother on the back.

Before the moment was recorded on video, the older one had told his sibling: "I understand the pain I do but you just have to wait," according to the boys' mother.

The California-based mom, who posted the footage, captioned it: "My four year old was about to have a whole tantrum and my 6 year old helped him manage his breathing so he could calm down....I'd say I'm doing freaking alright."

She later wrote: "Some of you asked why he was crying, he wanted to play the Nintendo—if you have kids or have been around any you know they think it's fully charged after being plugged for only a millisecond... anyway it wasn't and he started having a little meltdown til big bro intervened," they added.

It has been viewed more than 5.8 million since it was first posted on Twitter on Monday.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres' account, was among over 500,000 to like the tweet, writing: "This is a very special young man. Good work, mom."

This is a very special young man. Good work, mom.

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) March 15, 2021

The six-year-old's calming work gained much admiration from others on Twitter, including user @naidotnyc who wrote: "Is he taking clients? Because I think I need this," in a post that has received at least 22,000 likes.

User @blackpeoplememo wrote: "Keep an eye on the older one. He's the strong healer type. Take care to make sure he is good because he naturally will help people. This has a way of attracting needy people. Teach him.early how to accept the blessings of others.." The post has received more than 3,700 likes since it was first shared.

User @phyphor tweeted: "You've raised a caring, compassionate child with useful coping skills, who wants to help others and you think that's just "alright"? You're a fantastic parent. Even when you make a mistake, because everyone does, this grounding work well see y'all through." The tweet received more than 1,200 likes since it was posted.

User @420milfslayer wrote: "Damn I wish I knew this sh** at 6 I was a nightmare lmaooo" in a post that received nearly 600 likes since it was first shared.

User @SupernovaMomma wrote: "Amazing job teaching them coping strategies to manage their emotions Momma!" in a post that has received nearly 500 likes so far.

While noting the praise, the boys' mother noted that she did not have all the parenting answers in a tweet featuring a family photograph in which the youngest boy is crying.

"When I tell you all it took us TIME, this is what I mean...his temperament used to be off the chain !" she wrote.

"While I can appreciate the flowers and love I am NOT perfect, no mother is. I don't have all the answers I'm really just TRYING to raise some emotionally healthy kids!."

two boys watching Pokemon video
Two young boys watching a Pokemon video in their parent's home in Des Plaines, Illinois, pictured in on July 2001. A six-year-old teaching his younger brother breathing techniques to avoid a tantrum has received a flood of praise from users on Twitter.
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