Due to the uncertainty of coronavirus pandemic, people are dealing with major stress and anxiety issues. But women are more prone to having this as they have to balance work, kids and family. So, Dr Shreya Singh, Consultant - Physiotherapist & Mental Health Specialist, shares 5 yoga poses for women to reduce anxiety.

How women can reduce COVID 19 anxiety

How women can reduce COVID 19 anxiety

Women nowadays constantly feel anxious reportedly. Are you stressed or depressed due to these unprecedented times of COVID 19? Wondering how to calm yourself down? Then, we have got you covered.

It has been over a year and Coronavirus cases still continue to escalate in India. However, women are at more risk of having anxiety since they have to strike a work-life balance and this can be stressful. Being at home, they have to serve their 9-6 duty to their work, take of their kids and be a successful homemaker at the same. This enormous pressure may leave them exhausted, anxious, stressed, paranoid, depressed, irritated, frustrated and even lonely. After all, dealing with at-risk family members or patients, being in quarantine, a roller-coaster economy, trying to juggle work, keeping kids occupied or while schools are closed, or just adjusting to a new, unfamiliar situation can negatively impact a woman’s physical and mental well-being. Even boredom strikes during the lockdown as we are stuck at home.

How yoga can be helpful?

Yoga can be helpful in creating a balance between the mind and body. There are certain yoga poses that can curb anxiety and you will be able to stay stress-free. Furthermore, it will also help you to keep your mental health in check. So, here are some yoga poses for women to reduce COVID 19 anxiety shown by Dr Shreya Singh, Consultant - Physiotherapist & Mental Health Specialist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharghar.

Bridge pose

Also known as setu bandhasana can enhance blood circulation in the body. It also opens up the front of your spine and heart, which further helps in calming the mind, reducing anxiety and stress.


It helps in promoting the correct breathing technique. By breathing in a correct way, the oxygen supply to the brain and blood vessels tends to increase. It alleviates asthma symptoms, lowers stress, anxiety and increases mental strength. It helps in leading a healthy life.

Camel pose

Ustarasana helps in releasing stress and improves blood circulation in your body. Improved blood circulation leads to a good supply of oxygen, which can be calming for your mind and body.

Butterfly pose

This is a simple and basic yoga posture that can help you stretch your inner thighs and even groin. You need to perform this asana while keeping your spine erect and it can help in dealing with tension, anxiety and can cool down your body.

Cow Pose

Doing this pose can help you tackle anxiety, stress, strengthen the spine and belly organs and it can allow you to stretch the neck and torso as well.

Takeaway message

Remember to do these yoga poses under the guidance of your yoga instructor. Do not do these poses without your doctor’s knowledge. Discontinue doing them in case you experience pain.

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