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There is no doubt that stress and anxiety are the top prominent emotional and mental struggles of our age, but just so you know, you are not alone. There are several factors that trigger stress and anxiety whether workload, household and financial responsibilities, the fast-paced daily life, and several others. Anxiety and stress can significantly affect your quality of life and makes it harder for you to relax with a clear state of mind. Besides professional help and therapy session, self-help good can be another good way where we learn more about these two disorders and how to overcome them. Here are 4 picks that provide practical and useful tips to live stress-free and fight anxiety.


This Book Will Make You Calm 

By Dr. Jessamy Hibberd & Jo Usmar

Drawing on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Dr. Jessamy Hibberd & Jo Usmar provide the readers with effective techniques and exercises to help people maintain a calm and clear state of mind. Chapters of this book includes breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, tips on maintaining work-life balance, and how to manage anger.


When Panic Attacks 

By David D. Burns

If your stomach knots with fearful thoughts raising your minds, and feel your heart beat faster with obsessive doubts on everything, and constantly worry about work, family, relationship, and health; this book is your drug-free help. In this book, Psychiatrist and Professor David D. Burns reveal how your mind can play all the tricks on you and helps you free your mind from these thoughts. This book guides you on how to overcome shyness in stressful situations, feel more peaceful, and helps you overcome every sort of anxiety. Trust us when we say it is a life-changer.


Rewire Your Anxious Brain 

By Catherine M. Pittman & Elizabeth M. Karle

If you constantly obsess over and worry about things that may or may not happen and all your decisions are fear-driven, this book, with the help of neuropsychology, will help you understand what happens inside your brain. In Rewire Your Anxious Brain, Psychologist Catherine Pittman, and author Elizabeth Karle offer unique, evidence-based solutions to overcome anxiety with the power of neuroscience. When you better understand the brain cycle in processing anxiety and fear you will be able to rewire your brain and change the way you respond to fear and anxiety.


The Stress Management Handbook

By Eva M. Selhub

A practical guide to staying calm, keeping cool, and avoiding blow-ups. In this book, Dr. Eva helps readers understand the triggers of their stress and anger like never before. She provides effective and practical tools to help readers bring themselves back to a place of happiness in all aspects of life. Lighthearted, humorous, and simple this will be your best handbook to manage stress.


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