Past meds; Citalopram 40mg -> didn't do anything except make me manic like Sertraline 100mg -> only helped mood a bit, worsened anxiety Quetiapine (plus sertraline)100mg XR -> Helped sleep and improved mood and anxiety. Massive weight gain and other side-effects so this is a no go. Venlafaxine(150mg)-> helped anxiety a bit but not mood. Side effects were crazy (sweating, insomnia, cognitive side effects) which required additional meds to combat Vyvanse 60mg -> works wonders, no side effects and makes anxiety and mood easier to deal with.

I'm a psych nurse intern so i know the next step is usually a TCA. But i don't wanna try that just yet cause of the side effects. I switched from venlafaxine 75mg to vortioxetine 10mg direct switch and having pretty bad withdrawal, anyone got experience with this? How long did it affect you? Mostly vertigo and nausea. Also any tips on regimen?

TLDR; Venlafaxine didn't really help and caused a lot of side effects. Wanted to try 1 more "lightweight" AD before other options. Anyone got experience on how these withdrawal symptoms usually last?

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