I’m on day 2 of taking venlafaxine (37.5 mg) for anxiety. I haven’t taken antidepressants for about 12 years now (when I was I was taking Zoloft). Since yesterday when I started it I’ve just felt so numb and foggy. I also couldn’t sleep last night and then felt like I was hit by a truck this morning. Now reading this subreddit I’m terrified when it comes time to stop. I didn’t have any issue with Zoloft but this is new and honestly taking meds scares me in general. My dr said any side effects would only last a week or two. I don’t want to take meds but my anxiety has just been unbearable. I just worry the meds will help me by making my personality go away and that I’ll be a zombie the rest of my life.

Does it get better? Did I make a mistake with trying antidepressants? Will I be on this the rest of my life?

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