I've been on Effexor XR (Desvenlafaxine, SNRI) and Adderall XR since July-ish.

Started out on 37.5mg, and just upped to 75mg this month, but im quitting!

I've realized effexor has desensitized me from weed (and therefore psychedelics too from my research) to the point of muting them completely, and in turn ended up learning about other side effects that I've been experiencing but not full on noticing. nausea, brain fog, bouts of depression, you name it

I've skipped my last dose, and took about an eighth of my usual dose today, but I'm still trying to decide between titrating and quitting cold turkey. Would quitting cold turkey cause any permanent damage? Does anyone have experience with this in particular?

I'm worried the damage done to my brain might be permanent and I might make it worse if I quit cold turkey. I've just started looking into psychedelics and such, I don't wanna turn away from them for something as minor as this.

Thank you!!

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