Female, 32, 136 lbs. Started 150mg venlafaxine Oct 2018. April 2019 had a spontaneous dissection of my carotid artery (in 2 places). No issues since, however my blood pressure has been high since then (typically 130/90 or 130/95. The exception being during my pregnancy, when I took Labetolol 100mg daily. Docs in the hospital put the dissection down to being on the pill (which I stopped immediately after dissection) but my bp has remained high and as a result I am sure it's something to with the venlafaxine, but they don't entertain the idea. I have been eating well, going to the gym 3 times a week, doing pretty much everything that is recommended for someone to lower their blood pressure. Am I totally off here? Can high BP just be something that happens with no specific cause? I am willing to come off venlafaxine if it will prevent me being on bp meds for life, but i would need an alternative as I suffer with anxiety. Amy help appreciated

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