I didn't have positive experiences in the past, side-effects included not sleeping, falling asleep all the time, unbearable itching all over my body, jaw pain, also first one left me so zoned out I had the trip of a lifetime and barely acknowledged I was there.

I was reluctant to try again due to side-effects, as executive dysfunction makes it hard to regularly take pills and skipping pills on higher does makes me really ill, also as my depression is situational.

But, this time around they have been beneficial. They don't really help the depression but take the edge off the suicidal ideation, they don't help the day-to-day anxiety but do stop my brain babbling erratically when anxious. I've not noticed any changes with regards to autism, except coming on/off or switching dosages can *really* fuck me up for a few weeks re. social, communication, and cognitive functioning.

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