I’m 36 yo woman. Have never taken mental health medication before this past year. Only Rx is an IUD until this point. Was prescribed 10mg bid adderall in November of 2021 and worked wonders for focus and productivity (was hoping anxiety and depression would fade as a result too). However underlying anxiety, depression (r/t SAD), and OCD tendencies linger. I started Prozac 10mg, 10 days ago and will increase to 20mg next week. I am confused because I feel like my depression and anxiety have actually worsened?? Also night sweating; waking up screaming; short patience; overall, not feeling myself. Not necessarily sad… just blank compared to my usual empathetic self. It’s hard to describe. I would take my original depression over this new state.

Anyone have similar experiences (women specifically)? All the side effects I’m experiencing seem “normal”, but do they fade or is this forever? Will they increase with my increased dose? I don’t want to keep this up.


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