According to a survey, 1 out of 5 adults in the US struggle to fall asleep at night, which is 22% of the population. If you are among those struggling to get quality sleep and wake up feeling terrible in the morning, the ‘finger breathing’ technique can help to fall asleep quickly.

What is Finger Breathing Technique?

The finger breathing technique is a simple method that relaxes the body by releasing natural painkillers called endorphins. The technique involves breathing and using six fingers that increases mindfulness and puts the brain into a deep sense of relaxation. The finger breathing technique can be performed almost anywhere even when a person just wants to relax without having to sleep.

How To Do Finger Breathing?

Here is how it works: spread your fingers on one of your hands in front of you. Trace your index finger from the base of your thumb to the tip, breathing in. Pause briefly, then trace down the outside of your thumb while exhaling. Trace around your hand, inhaling up to your fingertips, pausing at the top, and exhaling while tracing down. While reading about it may seem difficult, a video demonstration will make it easier.

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