The daily grind can often make some people overthink their future, in terms of their personal and professional lives. But when such overthinking starts affecting your day-to-day activities, it is time to seek help, and if possible, focus on making certain changes to one’s lifestyle. To help you make a start, fitness trainer Juhi Kapoor suggested three yogic practices that can help when one is dealing with overthinking and negativity.

“As human beings, our biggest weakness is overthinking and negativity. It puts us into a loop of inviting unhappiness and more negativity,” she wrote in an Instagram post, as she listed the three asanas.

Butterfly pose

Hips store trauma and pent-up emotions; this pose helps to release those feelings. It helps to bring about emotional release.

How to do it?

*Lie with your hips against the wall and legs stretched out.
*Bend the knee, place the soles of your feet together, and open up the knees.
*Press the thighs gently.

*You can dynamically move the legs, or hold the position.

Padma mudra or Lotus mudra

How to do it? 

*Sit in a comfortable position. Bring your hands in front of your chest in a Namaskar posture.
*Spread the index, middle, and ring fingers widely such that they resemble a lotus.
*Touch your thumbs and the small fingers together.

This pose symbolises a beautiful bud yearning toward the light, growing out of the deep dark muck of the pond water. This helps get rid off emotional baggage.

Bhramari pranayama or bee breath

*Sit in a comfortable position.
*Close your eyes and breathe deep.
*Place your index finger just above your eyebrows and the rest of your fingers over your eyes gently with the thumbs over your ears.
*Focus on the area between your eyebrows.·
*With your mouth closed, breath out slowly through the nose by making a humming sound of Om.·
*Repeat this sound at least 5 times.

Chanting the humming bee sound helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can bring relaxation, rest, and better digestion, she mentioned.

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