Gabapentin, need more because of PLMD and insomnia

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Hi everyone, I started the Gabapentin (after trying out Pregabalin for 8 weeks) at 300 mg two hours before bed. Then took 600, now am taking 900 at separate times. In the the morning, my duvet is still kicked down and hanging onto the floor, which tells me that I am still doing the PLMD at night. I am also taking 1 mg lorazepam. Every third night or so, I allow myself an additional Gabapentin in the middle of the night when I wake up, and also an additional 1 mg lorazepam, if I want to have a "normal" day. This is really not a life. I feel emotionally and physically drained when I have to function on 3-4 hrs. As mentioned, I tried Pregabalin first. I find that it is very much the same as Gabapentin. Sorry, just venting.

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You probably need more gabapentin. According to the Mayo Clinic Updated Algorithm on RLS: "Most RLS patients require 1200 to 1800 mg of gabapentin daily" If you need more than 600 mg take the extra 4 hours before bedtime as it is not as well absorbed above 600 mg. If you need more than 1200 mg, take the extra 6 hours before bedtime.

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