Hi I'm new to this group and I really wanted to ask questions of some of you who have posted but couldn't figure out how. Your experiences fill me with equal amount of hope and dread.
I was put on this drug because I was left with severe vestibular disorder after a nasty virus to the point I used to crawl around instead of walking. 1 day after being placed on this drug by a neurologist - I could walk. I've been on it for 31 years and want to come off it VERY slowly. My neurologist typed a weaning chart for me but said it could be done in 6 months. I know he is the supposed expert however even I knew that was way 2 fast. I've seen a suggestion hereunder where a gentleman suggests shaving a bit off each tablet and then holding for a week or so then shaving a bit more - but I have no idea how much to shave off? I take .5mg X 2 day.
There was a gentleman who had been on it for 30 years and has experience of weaning off it really freaked me out.
Thank you

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