Reebok have partnered with Subira Jones to say; burnout prevention consultant and certified millennial burnout coach, says;

“To identify social burnout, whilst you’re in a social setting or when you leave, take some time to check in with yourself and figure out how you feel. Ask yourself: Do you feel anxious? Do you feel like you are required to put on an “act”? Do you feel overstimulated by what’s happening? Do certain social situations leave you feeling stressed and strained?”

“Disassociation is a surprising symptom of burnout – if you find yourself daydreaming often when you’re in social situations this a sign you are burnt out as we use this as a coping system to help find a little mental reprieve from the situation around us.”

“Learn to say no. If there is a social event that you know you won’t enjoy or feel comfortable attending, it’s okay to say “no!” Communicate your friends that you would still like to be invited and have the option to say “yay” or “nay”.

“Feel comfortable leaving events earlier when you feel like you’ve had “enough”. Do not wait for your energy levels to be at zero before you allow yourself to leave. My go to technique when I am at parties is to dance. Dancing allows me to have a good time, whilst appearing to be having a good time, without any of the social pressures to engage in conversation with other guests.”

Sonya Barlow, Founder and CEO of the LMF Network, TEDx Speaker, LinkedIn Changemaker 2021 and LinkedIn Top Voice 2022, says;

“When I was socially burnout I started to dislike myself, which impacted my identity, and I was putting emphasis on other people. When I acknowledged what I was going through, I deleted all my social media apps from my phone and found loving myself again in fiction books because it allowed my mind to get lost in the stories, rather than focusing on what I was ‘missing’. “

“The best way to deal with and prevent burnout is to always prioritise your well-being and understand your triggers. When I experienced burnout, I realised I was neglecting my health and fitness as well as I should have, like looking after my migraines, mental health, and exercise routine. Also, don’t socially compare with others’ lifestyles and get yourself offline for at least a short period of time.”

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