Manpreet Sharma threw her sister Meena a lifeline as she made a shock admission during Emmerdale tonight. It comes after Meena attended her pre-trial court hearing

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Emmerdale: Manpreet says she can’t testify

Emmerdale's Manpreet Sharma has thrown Meena Jutla a lifeline after she made a shock admission.

The doctor has been struggling with the pre-court trial hearing for her evil serial killer sister coming up, and as Meena finally got her day in court today, Manpreet struggled to cope with the overwhelming events.

As Meena pleaded not guilty to the three counts of murder, it means Manpreet will now have to testify in court about everything that her sister told her about the murders of Andrea Tate, Ben Tucker and Leanna Cavanagh.

However, the cases could be dealt a blow as Manpreet admitted to Charles she was struggling with it all.

Charles was worried for Manpreet

As they returned to the church, Charles tried to reassure Manpreet that everything was going to be ok - despite the fact that Meena had pleaded not guilty to three of her crimes.

"This is exactly what she wants, she wants to get inside your head. Meena's a disruptor," Charles said, leaving Manpreet fuming.

Angry, she started stressing over his comments, as she replied: "That's a new one. I think I prefer psychopathic killer who is hell bent on torturing us and me, in particular. She's controlling us and controlling everyone."

Charles continued to try and reassure her it would all work out and be ok.

She had a panic attack in the church



"She's just trying to get a shorter sentence so she can get out sooner. But she's deluding herself. The prosecution will see right through her and savage her fairy stories," he told her, but Manpreet was worried she would be "savaged by the defence".

Worried, she replied: "What if the defence savages me? Makes me confused, destroys my credibility."

Charles kept his cool and urged Manpreet to stop putting so much pressure on herself.

Manpreet was held hostage by her sister



"You're putting yourself under so much pressure. You'll be fine, because you'll be the one telling the truth and your sister will be lying," he told her, as her breathing got heavier, "I will be there to support you and I don't want you to feel pressured. Leyla and Liam, they were shocked - they weren't thinking straight - Leyla was spot on about how strong you are."

He then realised she was having a panic attack and tried to keep her calm, telling her to breathe slowly.

It was then that Manpreet confessed she couldn't testify in the trial - throwing her evil sister a huge lifeline.

"I can't do it, I can't testify," she said through tears.

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