Shiksha Maharajh conducts corporate and personalised themed wellness days and retreats at idyllic locations.

The Aryan Benevolent Home staff recently enjoyed one of her workshops.

Holistic healers, Reiki masters and reflexologists, Nirvana Raghoonanan and Satish Raghoonanan, assisted ABH staff. Satish Raghoonanan is also a cranial healer.

The purpose of the workshop was to instill self-love and self-healing. ABH staff are impacted by their daily stressful work environment as they care for the frail, elderly, victims of domestic violence and children at the home.

Many of the residents, who live at the home come from troubled backgrounds so extra attention and care is given to the home’s residents. ABH staff are dedicated, however, their work sometimes makes them feel emotionally drained.

They also have personal lives and trying to balance both is difficult.

The facilitators of the healing workshop.

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The workshop was generously sponsored by ABH benefactors. The day’s programme was tailor-made to include laughter, yoga, stretching to relieve stress, breathing techniques for relaxation, revitalisation and self-healing.

A routine of massage was performed by all participants to connect with their body and senses with blended aromatherapy oils and creams.

In addition, staff members enjoyed a session to awaken their inner child as ‘we have lost the innocence of our inner child’.

The day ended with energy balancing, which realigned the physical body with the emotional and mental balance and participants benefited from a guided universal meditation.

The participants were treated to sumptuous healthy meals, which included breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Participants received a certificate of participation and a healing toolkit of crystals, aromatherapy oils and creams.

For more information about the healing courses, contact Shiksha Maharajh, the director of Lady Bird Wellness Coach, on 083-775-5472.

Should you require more information on the ABH, email [email protected], call 031 404-9523 or visit  

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