How many times have you heard someone say "Just relax" whenever you've complained about feeling stressed or anxious at home or in the workplace? Probably a lot. Your initial thought might have been, "But how?" We won't be that someone who tells you to "chill, it's not that serious" when you feel as if you are about to snap. But we will be that GOOD friend who tells you exactly how to de-stress and shares the many ways to relax your mind and loosen the tension in your body.

We would be an even better friend if we offered you a free vacation or a trip to the spa to calm your nerves, but the times have been tough, and our bamboo resources have been scarce. Instead, we will provide you with plenty of relaxation ideas, which cost nothing or less than an avocado and which won't take your whole day if you have limited time. Whether your boss has rejected your annual leave, your best friend returned to her douchebag of an ex, or you have a project deadline coming soon, whatever you are stressing about can be relieved with some relaxing activities. The best bit is that many of these relaxation activities for adults can be done within minutes. Hence, no matter how hectic your daily schedule gets, you should be able to spare and dedicate just a few minutes to a relaxing activity and focus solely on yourself.

Below, we've compiled a list of things to do for relaxation and ways to relax when you are feeling under the pump. Remember that finding time, no matter how little, to perform activities to relax is just as important as getting enough sleep since stress plays a significant role in our general health and well-being and shouldn't be left unresolved. Are there any other relaxing activities you do to cope with stress that haven't been mentioned? Share those in the comments. If you found this article helpful and have a friend who could benefit from some relaxation ideas, make sure to share it with them—a literal instance of sharing is caring!

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