One mom, identified only by her first name Samantha, is a prime example of how the new program will impact caregivers.

Samantha gave birth to her son Spencer on January 22, but the infant had difficulty eating and breathing.

In March, he was admitted to the Children’s Hospital and placed on oxygen, given a breathing tube and was diagnosed with laryngomalacia, which involves softening of the tissue in the voice box.

The baby needed immediate surgery which meant Samantha spent time with her son at the hospital.

She was the first person to receive the support of the Family Amenities Fund. Not needing to spend time worrying about her expenses meant she could instead transfer her focus and energy to caring for her son.

“As a new and young mom, this experience has been very stressful emotionally and financially. But throughout it all I have met some amazing nurses, nutrition specialists, pediatricians, a social worker, and our surgeon who saved my son,” said Samantha.

Brynn Boback-Lane, CEO and president of the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation said alleviating stress is the point of the fund.

“We all know that hospital stays can be very long and very traumatic and this fund will greatly assist those families that need it the most,” said Boback-Lane.

While the hospital is located in Saskatoon, it draws patients from around the province in large numbers.

Of the more than 25,000 patients that spend time in the facility every year, almost 50 per cent are from outside the geographical catchment area.

Social Workers of Interprofessional Practice whose job it is to work with families in need can see up to 10 families a day with related patients anywhere in the facility ranging from prenatal care to ICU.

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