Just like every millennial bride or groom, your first impulse may be to meticulously plan or map out every element of your wedding. But just soaking in the special moments before your big day and stealing away some time for self-care is critical. If you have been feeling intimidated by the stress of wedding planning lately, then fret not. This guide shall help you whenever you happen to have a stressful time scheduling elements of your ceremony or even during a particularly trying personal crisis.

  1. Include fresh produce in your meals and eat clean

Wholesome meals are a critical part of your day, and there’s no better time than your impending nuptials to focus on eating clean and detox your body. Whether you’d like to try a plant-based diet or simply munch on some more leafy greens, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is advised can boost your mood as well as your health.

foods for pre wedding anxiety

  1. Try focussed breathing to banish anxiety

If you ever feel a spell of anxiety due to wedding planning hurdles, you can attempt deep breathing with a focussed breathing technique. Take a relaxing breath in and hold till the count of 3, then exhale and hold till the count of 5 before you take your next breath. This can help you have a greater control on your stress.

  1. Take the time to confide in a bridesmaid

Nothing quite beats the joy of confiding all your fears and worries with a close friend who happens to be your bridesmaid or best man. So, feel free to call your bestie and have a conversation where you can vent and let go of every negative thought or feeling and they can help take tasks off your plate and make your day easier.

pre wedding anxiety

  1. Banish inflammatory foods from your diet

Excessive sugar and saturated fats can lead to bloating and cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Skip processed food from your pre-wedding diet if you’ve been feeling blue or tense. Instead, make yourself a cup of ginger tea or turmeric milk and feel the worries melt away!

Try these things to raise your spirits and manage your wellbeing just weeks before your wedding!

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