Want to know what to expect from your growing baby? These guides share general timelines for developmental milestones and how to encourage new stages of play.

Before you get started, learn how to calculate your baby's adjusted age based on their due date and birth date. Much of your baby's development is tied to time in utero so babies born early may need time to reach full-term development.

What to expect in the fourth trimester

Ah, those fresh baby days. It may not seem like a lot is going on with your baby’s development during the first three months, but it really is a time of transition (for both of you).

You and your baby are taking on new roles and discovering a new way of being—and what it means to be exhausted.

As a parent, this fourth trimester asks a lot of you. It’s a time of great physical and emotional change. Your baby will mostly eat, sleep and poop.

Here are a few other things you can expect:

What are primitive reflexes and why are they important?

Primitive reflexes kick in. These are reflexes that gradually disappear as children grow and their nervous systems develop and mature.

They are automatic, instinctive movements that newborns and infants do which are critical for their survival and development. They also provide an important foundation for later motor and cognitive development.

Some of the most common primitive reflexes are:

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