split motion may be the key to achieving those training how so difficult they are, just thinking about them makes you tired. There are even many times when we start a routine and when we find training We often stop or take the opportunity to take a break, interrupting our rhythm and therefore the burning of calories, just because we feel that we cannot do them.

To avoid this type of situation, it is recommended split motion and so yes to finish the routines with training from force that are very difficult to do like push-ups or pull-ups, exercises that are also particularly complete because they strengthen the upper body (for example, to help you have a V-shaped back), improve shoulder mobility and core stability, and they also help improve coordination, so it’s worth trying to do them at split motion.

What does it mean split motion? It means being aware of which parts of the body participate in each routineof how the rest of the body and how it can be improved technique for the training from force which are particularly demanding. Basically, it is about gaining recognition about your body and their way of moving (something that is also essential in yoga, for example).

It’s a technique recommended by Meghan Callaway, a Vancouver-based fitness trainer and creator of the Ultimate Pull-Up Program. In her experience, most people who fail to do difficult strength exercises like pull-ups or push-ups, which also have important benefits for the body, face these complications not because of a lack of physical ability, but because of inadequate training. . To counter it and yes finish that routineadvises the following points that are based on split motion:

Keeping the whole body firm is a key point


Keep the strength in the whole body

Meghan Callaway asks the question: Which would be easier to move, a stiff board or a limp punching bag of the same weight? As the obvious answer is that it is easier to move a rigid board, this first point is explained. It is important that you keep your whole body steady when doing training from force iron type, as this will help you to carry your weight and move more easily than if each part of the body is in different states of strength. This is an important first step of split motion Part by part.

separate the components

another point of split motion to achieve the training from force more difficult is to divide the components that make up this type of routines. For example, think about which muscles you need to do a pull-up and practice them separately. If your training focuses on mastering each of the muscle groups in parts, comprehensive exercises will be easier later.

breathe properly

When you identify which parts of your body participate in each exercise, you can also integrate breathing into them. For example, if in a certain strength exercise the key is in the abdomen, try to make your breathing conscious in this part of the body so that you do not lose concentration and attention and, therefore, keep the parts of the body what do you need.

Be patient

Trainer Meghan Callaway also reminds of the importance of patience when it comes to split motion and understand how the body in each exercise. What yes, perseverance is crucial, so even if you respect the times of your own learning, do not give up, little by little you will be able to see better results and the strength exercises What are they difficult At first, they will be easier for you.

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