Rick Ross dives into the psychology of a fighter in his latest viral moment.

Rick Ross has gone viral on a weekly basis for no other reason except his Instagram antics. The rapper’s Instagram Story is filled promotional posts, motivational gems, and plenty of entertaining content. The other week, he shared a play-by-play into his journey to cut trees in his backyard. He got his friend to pick up a chainsaw, and then he began to hack down oak trees on camera. Before that, he documented the arrival of the first cow on his farm.

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images 

The rapper’s latest viral moment is his theory of the mindstate of a fighter. The rapper completed his boxing training at the gym when he went on Instagram where he explained why boxers, including the one training behind him, have heavy breathing techniques. “They make those noises just to put fear in the opponent’s heart,” he said before taking short, animated breaths to prove his point. “All that breathing shit — they want you to think they punching so fast,” he continued, citing Bruce Lee as an example before going into the breathing technique. “That ain’t that. That’s a n***a making noise with his mouth and if you fall for it,” he said with his finger to his temple, “that’s you. I’mma eat it,” he concluded with a loud scream.

The video was just the latest example of Ross’ unmatched humor. Over the past few weeks, fans have found an appreciation for his sense of humor. Check out a few reactions below. 

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