I’ve only been using Oura for a handful on months, so I asked my colleague Destinee Scott, a longer-term Oura-ette, for her input.

“I’ve been wearing my Oura Ring for over seven months, and I’ve had two quarterly reports (you get them every three months), which give me an outlook on my achievements and how I can improve my sleep even more,” Scott says. “It’s important that you give the ring time to do its thing—it has to learn your body and process your stats to really be useful. For me, the ring has taught me that I often overextend myself, which leads to feeling restless and stressed. It’s made me more mindful of how I’m taking care of myself because, at the end of the day, it’s really just another tool that I can use to love on myself.”

As for me, I’m still wearing my Oura Ring months on. Data aside, I love the way my ring looks at night, when sometimes the tiny red and green pinpricks of light that gage oxygen level and heartbeat glow for a moment, taking their readings. Other tired moms out there, I’m sure, would appreciate this gift that keeps on giving. Of course, my little Oura Gen 3 isn’t perfect—sometimes it thinks I’m exercising when I’m simply doing laundry, for example, and my pal has had typing sessions read as biking—but for sleep purposes, I’m thrilled with it. Not least, since I know someone is watching me, patiently waiting for me to put down the phone and go to sleep.

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