Building the next generation of nurse practitioners with the training and confidence to treat behavioral health needs through an intuitive blend of psychological and medication management services

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MediTelecare™, the market leader in behavioral telehealth and tele-technology services to residents of long-term care facilities, announced today its partnership with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, providing advanced training to psychiatric nurse practitioners on counseling in the field of behavioral health.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology entered into a service agreement to provide training for MediTelecare's clinical staff to help increase access to behavioral health care in long term care settings. With the support from The Chicago School, the training is the educational and didactic piece necessary to build core skills to utilize non-pharmacological interventions whenever possible to augment medication management practices. Additionally, the course will pair psychiatric nurse practitioners with experienced psychologists who they can shadow and get supervision over their clinical work, producing a cohort of exceptional medical professionals who can service patients both from the psychological and pharmacological standpoint.

"MediTelecare uses an integrated approach, drawing on medication management and non pharmaceutical intervention, so it's imperative to equip our facilities with professionals who can provide both medication services and psychotherapy services," said Dr. Sherie Friedrich, Chief Psychology Officer. "The Chicago School is doing impressive work in advancing the practice of psychotherapy, while breathing new life into how services are delivered through evidence-based practices. They are forward thinking in ways to make treatment accessible and practical, which aligns with our progressive view of providing additional education and support to nurse practitioners to meet these very important needs."

The course starts with a six-hour Counseling Refresher training designed to review basic counseling skills and specific attributes that increase the effectiveness of working with seniors, including the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of practitioners.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review theoretical and evidenced-based counseling and relationship skills.

  • Review multicultural and ethical competence as it relates to working with older adults.

  • Explore stages and interventions of the helping relationship as it relates to working with older adults.

  • Review empowerment strategies when assisting clients who are dealing with uncertainty, life and situational changes, and/or developmental transitions.

"With our partnership, The Chicago School is opening new opportunities for health care professionals to advance their ability to relate to clients with multicultural sensitivity, while also attending to their own mental health in increasingly challenging circumstances," said Dr. Michele Nealon, Psy.D., president of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. "We look forward to, together, bringing the importance of mental health to par with physical and biological health."

The partnership has plans to continue providing supervision, training and internship experiences to additional counselors who go through their program, and Continuing Education Units (CEU) to providers.

About MediTelecare

MediTelecare™, industry leader in providing technology enabled behavioral telehealth services to residents of skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, delivers technology devices, digital hub and APP software products and services. Including a suite of virtual tools used by its employed psychology and psychiatry providers together with facility staff for 24×7 virtual referral, scheduling and clinical cloud interoperability. Proprietary digital clinical assessment and reporting analytics, MediReview™ and MediReport™, help staff identify and provide consistent care follow-up. MediTelecare™ services hundreds of facilities, over 30,000 residents, providing over 300,000 patient encounters.

About The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Integrating theory with hands-on experience, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology provides education rooted in a commitment to innovation, service, and community for thousands of diverse students across the United States and globally. Founded in 1979, the nonprofit, regionally accredited university now features campuses in iconic locations across the country (Chicago, Southern California, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Dallas) and online. To spark positive change in the world where it matters most, The Chicago School has continued to expand its educational offerings beyond the field of psychology to offer more than 30 degrees and certificates in the professional fields of health services, nursing, education, counseling, business, and more. Through its engaged professional model of education, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an extensive network of domestic and international professional partnerships, The Chicago School's students receive real-world training opportunities that reflect their future careers. The Chicago School is also a proud affiliate of TCS, a nonprofit system of colleges advancing student success and community impact. To learn more, visit


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