Kriti Sanon recently had to gain over 15kgs for her role as a pregnant woman in Mimi. After the film's release, she began training to get back into shape for her next project, Bachchan Pandey, which hit the theatres last month. In October 2021, Sanon started working out with Karan Sawhney, Co-founder of The Tribe. "She had lost the weight she had gained for Mimi, but we aimed to get her muscle definition back and to make her stronger," he says. We spoke to Sawhney to find out more about the actor’s daily workout regime, training practices, diet, and more. We also asked him to curate a special French Contrast Training workout for beginners.

Kriti Sanon’s fitness routine

Being an action film, Bachchan Pandey required Sanon to sport a certain aesthetic. “We’ve been working on making her look sharper for this role. Her training and diet are built around this goal,” says Sawhney. In the six months that the duo has been working together, Sawhney has developed a comprehensive workout routine for her. She follows a French Contrast Training module that includes strength training, conditioning, kickboxing, and core work. "French Contrast Training is strength-based, but it also involves a lot of powerful movements by focusing on your breathing,” he explains. Put simply, this type of training is a mix of complex and contrast training. While the former refers to performing different exercises in continuation, the latter comprises switching between light and heavy weighted exercises.

Talking about the actor’s dedication to fitness, Sawhney tells us that she never misses a workout, not even after a twelve-hour shoot. “Her favourite exercise in the gym is the Russian twist,” he fondly adds. Because of Sanon’s elbow and knee injury, her workout routine accommodates prehab and rehab. "Despite her injuries, she's now squatting 120-130 pounds," he says.

Sanon’s diet complements her workouts so she can stay in top shape. "She loves home-cooked food. So, she's on a high protein diet, where her carb intake is limited after 7 pm," he explains. Apart from this, her diet includes a good amount of fiber, healthy fats, supplements, vitamins, and minerals. "And I keep reminding her about drinking at least 2-3 liters of water a day," he adds.

After the workout sessions, Sawhney and Sanon always practice visualization and gratitude for a few minutes. "The idea is to visualize ourselves in two or three months from now and express gratitude for what we have right now,” he explains.

Kriti Sanon’s fitness trainer Karan Sawhney shares a beginner-friendly French Contrast Training workout.

If you want to try out French Contrast Training but don't know where to begin, this small but effective, expert-recommended workout is the way to go. You can start by incorporating the three exercises below into your regular workouts. 

1. Pause squats and jump squats

Perform 6 reps of pause squats, where you pause for 5 seconds at your lowest point. After completing the reps, you can move on to 6 reps of jump squats.

2. Pause push-ups and faster push-ups

Start with doing 6 reps of pause push-ups, where you pause for 5 seconds when your chest is touching the floor before coming back up to the neutral position. After this, perform 6 reps of faster push-ups without any break.

3. Pause lunges and split lunges

You can apply the same technique to your lunges. Do 6 reps of pause lunges, where you hold a lunge with time under tension. Then, you can perform 6 split or jump lunges for a more dynamic movement.


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