When it comes to sex, many, if not most, people would love to orgasm. Whether or not orgasm is part of your sexual experience.

Many people do want their partners to have one, as well as to have an orgasm themselves. However, it is well-known that many women in heterosexual relationships, fake orgasms, which has led to the age-old question: Can a man tell when a woman comes? Or, more generally, how can you tell when your partner is having an orgasm?

According to experts, it is easier, less complicated, and faster for men to orgasm compared to women. Men on average can have an orgasm within five minutes. Women, on the other hand, have a harder time achieving orgasm, taking on average 20 minutes to achieve one.

It’s not always easy to tell if a woman orgasms. The thing about vaginal orgasms is that there is a massive range of what that experience could look and feel like (some don’t even involve the vagina). Some people don’t even know they’re having an orgasm themselves.

However, there are some clues that might give her away. Find them out below:

This is the biggest giveaway if you can spot it.

Certain body movements happen during an orgasm that is impossible to fake.

Involuntary mini spasms of the vaginal wall can be felt with fingers or a penis during a true orgasm.

During sexual arousal, there is an increased blood flow to the genitals and the tensing of muscles in the genitals. This will cause the vaginal walls and muscles of the uterus will contract rhythmically.

When a woman has an orgasm and their genital muscles tense, other muscles throughout the body will tense up, too. The muscles everywhere in your body, especially in your pelvic area, can become tense and start to spasm.

Sometimes people will experience this and their whole body will shake and shudder until there is finally a release in tension, especially if they tend to have pretty intense orgasms.

  • The heart rate and breathing increases

Another signal of orgasm is the increase in one’s pulse and breathing. Before and during an orgasm, your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and breathing increase.

According to a 2008 study in Blood Pressure Monitoring, when orgasm is reached during sexual activity, the peak heightened blood pressure occurs at the beginning of the orgasmic plateau and drops to baseline level around 10 minutes afterwards.

The highest heart rate occurs at the beginning of orgasm and drops to baseline levels about 10 to 20 minutes afterwards.

How do you know if a girl comes? She tells you. This goes for anyone having an orgasm — although it is usually more obvious when men do.

The best practice for knowing if a girl has an orgasm is simply to ask. For some people it can appear to be ‘obvious’ they are having an orgasm.

It could be loud joyous moans combined with involuntary body movements, but the truth is it can be hard to tell. For others, the physical signs may be more subdued.

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