We often feel away from our own selves. Our mind races and our bodies are not in sync with our minds. It is at this time, when we are not able to think clearly or take an informed decision about a situation. We are also not able to be at ease. We feel restless, we overthink and we are not able to be present in the current situation. Instead, we are away, disconnected from the present. Our heart beats go fast and the breathing is fast, and we do not feel self-aware at all. This is what happens when our nervous system is not regulated. This further causes more problems for both the mind and the body.

Psychologist Nicole LePera, who is known for sharing important insights regarding mental health and the steps we can take in working on our own healing process, shared a few tips on how to know the nervous system is regulated or not. Nicole noted down the signs of knowing when our nervous system is regulated and asked us to take certain steps in healing ourself and being more self-aware.

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Ability to think clearly – Nicole wrote that when our nervous system is regulated, our thoughts are not clouded. Instead, we are able to have a clear vision, and are also able to put our thoughts into words more effectively.

At ease – When we are self-aware, we feel more at ease. Our body does not feel hyper-vigilant and we are calmer.

Present in the current situation – With a regulated nervous system, we get to be more present in the current situation. We are able to take part in the active conversation as well.

Able to have fun – It is also important to be curious and playful at the same time. A regulated nervous system offers us the window to be open and silly.

No overthinking – The thoughts are in control. We are able to think clearly, without overthinking or letting our thoughts become intense and negative.

Heart rate is steady – The breathing is slow, paced and the heart rate is steady. The body feels more at calm.

Nicole further added that to regulate our nervous system, we need to be self-compassionate. It takes a lot of work., understanding our own selves and our body sensations in regulating the nervous system and leading a healthy life.

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