Breathing is a natural activity that we do completely without knowing it. However, when exercising, breathing should be conscious. Lots of people do that too Basic error during exercise and holding his breath during exercise, For example, during strength exercises that require tensed muscles and greater effort.

Why is breathing important during exercise?

During exercise, providing the body with the right amount of oxygen is critical and affects the effectiveness of the training. Breath holding and abnormal breathing interfere with fat burning, can raise blood pressure, and slow blood flow to the brain.

How do you breathe properly during training?

You can say that exhaling increases muscle tone and decreases inhalation. This means that you should always breathe during the most demanding part of your exercise. For example, if you are doing a traditional abdominal exercise, you should exhale as you raise your chest and tense your muscles. If you work out in the gym, always breathe when you lift the load. The same principle applies to lengthening, as exhaling will allow you to deepen the bend, for example. Try to inhale the air through your nose and then let it exit through your mouth.

A slightly different rule applies to sports such as running, walking, snowboarding, and cycling. The key here is the correct breathing rhythm. For example, you can count the steps – inhale for three steps, exhale for three steps. If you’re planning intense training, it’s also worth warming up your circulatory and respiratory system beforehand by doing a few quick steps (it’s even mandatory to complete a warm-up before starting a running competition).

Practice your breathing every day

Conscious breathing can be learned. Adequate breathing allows you to increase lung capacity (you can check this during a spirometer test). Breathing during a normal walk can be practiced by taking a very long, calm breath in a certain number of steps (find your ideal rhythm yourself), then exhale slowly for the same number of steps.

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