SEOUL, Korea, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GIG INTERNATIONAL ( (CEO KANG, GI-BONG) is proud to announce the release of its all-in-one solution O2L, the smart automatic breathing aid. The company specializes in manufacturing medical devices and is a global corporation operating businesses for quarantine and military supplies. It continues to develop strategic business models by exporting products in multiple areas such as leisure, construction, energy, medicine and healthcare, security, special military training, defense while building value chains for manufacturing, material and parts, casino, and infrastructure businesses.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been exporting O2L products globally. In particular, it has collaborated with more than 30 embassies in Korea while accelerating the exportation of medical devices.

As the number of respiratory-related patients increases around the globe due to Covid-19, O2L is developed by installing an automatic device to the manual ambu bag to minimize the process of helping the patient breathe using the existing BVM.

This simple-to-use device is designed and manufactured for anyone to easily and quickly install, even in an emergency that can occur anytime, anywhere. Since it can control the breathing capacity and number of breaths, it can be used by all people, from children to the elderly. In addition, with its intuitive and smart design, it's very easy to use even for those who use the device for the first time.

The existing ventilators have high barriers in terms of technology. It is also difficult to produce its parts and for mass production. The bag valve mask is designed to supply oxygen to patients by an assistant responsible for pressing the silicone bag when the number of patients' breaths decreases or when they cannot breathe independently. In these cases, experts are needed to help them to supply oxygen with a certain force and pattern. In addition, various sizes of ambu bags are needed for infants and adults, and there is a risk of secondary infection in patients or assistants.

The CCV ventilator for critically ill patients uses a method to control the patients' breaths fully. Even though it can automatically control air pressure and tidal volume according to patients' conditions, it may not be suitable for patients with spontaneous breathing. In addition, since it costs more than 30 million won, it's challenging to distribute them.

GIG INTERNATIONAL's O2L is a smart automatic pumping device to tackle such problems as an all-in-one solution that can also reduce the number of medical staff. It doesn't need assistants so that it doesn't raise concerns over secondary infections. In addition, it can be sold at a very competitive price compared to CCV.

Not only that, this O2L automatic device presents its simple structure and excellent durability, helping users to operate the device easily.

An official from GIG INTERNATIONAL said, "O2L products are basically equipped with an oxygen mask and filter to help patients to use them by themselves. In addition, it has the system to adjust the lung capacity for patients covering from infants to the elderly." He also added, "Since it's equipped with a lithium battery, it's possible to use them outside for 3 to 4 hours. In particular, I believe it could help 911 rescue teams to help many patients immediately."

He also mentioned that the products are expected to help both patients and medical staff by presenting preventive measures against infectious viruses around the globe.

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