The benefits of exercise are widely known. However, many middle-aged or older adults don’t meet the physical activity recommendations. With the need for more adults to transition to a healthier lifestyle, new research has found a potential for high resistance inspiratory muscle strength training (IMST). IMST involves inhaling through a handheld device called a manual breathing trainer, which adds resistance to the breath.

Exercise can help reduce the risk of developing chronic illness with aging, so older adults need to get their recommended daily amount. Creating new forms of physical training that can help those stay on track and improve their physical function is the key to reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Researchers believe that intensive resistance IMST could be an efficient strategy to help promote adherence and improve multiple components of a healthy lifestyle.

For the study, 35 participants aged 50 and older were split into either a high resistance group or a low resistance control group. Both groups had a manual breathing trainer for 30 breaths a day for six weeks. After six weeks, the high resistance group had a 12% improvement in a treadmill time to exhaustion test.

The low resistance control group showed no change. The high resistance group also showed a link with changes in 18 metabolites that are known to play key roles in energy production and fatty acid metabolism.

Lead author of the study, Kaitlin Freeberg said, “These preliminary findings suggest 5 min/day of high resistance IMST is a promising, highly adherable mode of physical training that increases exercise tolerance and modulates metabolic pathways in middle age and older adults.”

Improve Fitness and Exercise Tolerance

If these simple breathing exercises are able to improve fitness and exercise tolerance in adults, they may be more likely to stick to an ongoing routine. Exercise is essential to help reduce the risk of chronic illness and disease, so it is essential to find ways to help adults exercise regularly.

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