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Access to emergency departments is increasing and so are hospitalizations. In a series of video clips with the experts we explain what to do in case of real need

Emergency room visits are certainly on the increase, I would still say by 10-20%, which varies from situation to situation. The pressure on hospitalizations is also growing, but not so much due to illnesses directly related to the heat, but rather due to the worsening of frail patients with various underlying pathologies.

this is the picture outlined by Francesco Dentali, president of the Fadoi internal doctors and director of the Medical Area Department of the Asst Sette Laghi of Varese. In these hours, the management of the hospital wards in the trenches weighs on the multipathological patients: very, very delicate patients with an unstable balance – underlines Dentali – who in this situation easily decompensate.

But when should you go to the emergency room? When do common ailments, such as headaches or high blood pressure, require medical attention? We explain it in this series of video clips, curated by Luigi Ripamonti.

July 21, 2023 (change July 21, 2023 | 09:16)

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