Battalion Chief, SCBA Program Coordinator Scott Zelhart, Fishers (IN) Fire Department

This class is for individuals who are considering starting their own in-house breathing air maintenance programs or who currently have in-house programs but are looking to improve, change, or modify their existing format to better serve the firefighter, our ultimate customer. The basic elements of a program will be covered along with a SWAT analysis to better enable the student to further define needs. A detailed view of a working model in a suburban fire department will be reviewed. This concept is not manufacturer specific and may be applied to any breathing apparatus manufacturer that sponsors and encourages an in-house repair center operation. It may also be adapted to the manufacturer’s representative providing field and repair service to further streamline operations. Topics addressed will be potential costs, liability, personnel, and space requirements.

FDIC International 2022 takes place April 25-30, 2022.



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