As the weather continues to improve, we know it's a great time for students to get outside and have some fun. We hope you do so responsibly and safely. WELLWVU has an abundance of information and resources available to students regarding drugs and alcohol and adopting some safer drinking strategies.

Additionally, WELLWVU is currently able to provide WVU students with fentanyl test strips. No questions asked, no identifying information required and no interaction with anyone during pick-up. If you would like to pick up fentanyl test strips, all the information can be found at

Something to remember; WVU has a medical amnesty policy, so never hesitate to call 911 when someone is in need of medical assistance. For those that aren't familiar with the policy: under the University's Student Code of Conduct and the laws of West Virginia, bystanders and those affected by drug or alcohol overdose may be safe from prosecution and may not face charges under the campus student Code of Conduct if they seek medical assistance in an emergency. Calling for help can be the difference in saving someone's life.


Don't wait until it's the week before finals before you reach out to someone for help. If you're struggling with academics, try talking with your professor or academic adviser for some guidance.

You can also schedule a time to talk with a therapist at the Carruth, WVU's campus counseling center. There are multiple ways students can talk with a counselor, including:

  • Schedule an appointment online or by calling 304-293-4431
  • Students can use Talkspace, a free online therapy service that connects users to a dedicated therapist.
  • You can stop by one of Carruth's Let's Chat events and have a 20-minute conversation with a Carruth therapist.

Don't forget about your support system! Talk and lean on family and friends who can help you work through some of the items on your plate so you're able to balance work and your personal life easier.

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