The size limitations of the Apple Watch mean these devices will continue to run into several roadblocks as far as additional sensors are concerned. Still, Apple has managed to cram in a ton of features and will continue to do so, starting with blood glucose monitoring. Unfortunately, one report states that buyers may have to wait up to seven years to see this technology in action.

Though Apple has made progress with blood glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch, immense tweaking is required before the feature is ready for the masses

The last health-focused feature introduced to the Apple Watch was blood oxygen monitoring. While the technology giant can introduce a bigger display and microLED technology to succeeding models, it continues to run into issues with bringing blood glucose monitoring to the market much earlier. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his ‘Power On’ newsletter spotted by MacRumors, this addition could take between three to seven years to arrive in future Apple Watch models.

It is simple to understand that you cannot defy natural laws and incorporate a boatload of sensors in a small package like the Apple Watch with each passing year, so there are logical reasons why the company is taking so long to bring glucose monitoring to the table. While Apple is said to have made progress with this feature, there are tons of algorithm tweaking and improvements of onboard sensors that are deemed necessary.

Most importantly, Apple is having trouble shrinking the sensor to a size that can comfortably fit inside a smartwatch, and that path has proven to be more than challenging. Blood glucose monitoring works through a non-invasive technique; users will not have to prick their skin to get accurate results. Even if tests are successful, there is also the requirement of getting regulatory approval from the authorities.

As for what this feature can do when it officially arrives in a future Apple Watch model, it will be able to inform wearers if they are pre-diabetic in order to encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Apple Watch Ultra model was possibly introduced last year with a bigger display as the company is experimenting with a size variant that can accommodate a blood glucose sensor without running into too many issues. We have no way of confirming this information, so we will advise readers to muster some patience and wait for the feature to arrive in a few years.

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