Swimming is among the most tried and tested exercises and a sure sort way to burn calories. The surprising fact is that swimming at a regular pace can burn more calories than walking and running. Swimming burns more calories than running for the same amount of time.

A strenuous hour of lap swimming can burn up to 715 calories while running at 5 mph for the same amount of time burns 606 calories. If yoga has to be compared, it can help burn 183 calories per hour.

Swimming is a multi-faceted workout that helps to build strength and endurance. It also makes you more agile and helps tone up the muscles. You can try experimenting with various strokes in swimming, like breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke. These styles address different muscles and help them tone up and become stronger!

It is better to use a larger number of muscle groups while swimming and to push yourself through the water. Your entire body extends while you move your arms and kick your legs. It helps you become more flexible. Swimming is a great option for a full-body workout.

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