TRAINING and working out vigorously will lead to desired results, but they could be more effective when meditation and mindful are also applied to the process, said Jerry Diaz, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.

“There are times when we have to reset the mind and body so we can heal from rigorous training and over inflammation of the joints and ligaments,” Diaz said. “It is essential to practice breathing techniques and being present in the moment.”

Diaz said fitness training  is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

 “I’ve learned that individuals must learn to be mindful of their self-stressors and take time to meditate by unplugging and practicing breathing techniques or active recovery,” he said.

Throughout the week, each of his client “unplugs” from a strenuous training routine by relaxing or applying a meditative approach when performing core dynamic exercises that involve breathing techniques.

So when an individual returns to regular schedule resistance training, Diaz said, it will feel like new again, and one will stay motivated to reach his or her fitness goals.

It is highly important to have a healthy mindset, he added.

Media practitioner Catherine Perry is into meditation and mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is about being present and at peace in this moment,” she said. “Instead of dwelling on the past I cannot change or the uncertainty of the future, the calm of mindfulness helps me appreciate and enjoy life more. For me, sipping a cup of hot tea and God’s beautiful nature are the best invitations to be mindful.”

She added, “Take a mindful moment with yourself. Breathe deeply and slowly, relax your eyes like you're falling asleep, relax your entire body, focus on your breathing (or clear your mind)...continue and enjoy!”

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