It’s aimed at helping new parents reconnect with exercise and themselves again (Picture: Getty)

Getting back into exercise after having a baby can feel a little overwhelming.

But Apple has launched a new series of workouts specifically designed for mums looking to get active again, following childbirth.

The new postpartum program on Apple Fitness Plus features strength and core exercises, including some that target the pelvic floor (AKA, the group of muscles supporting organs in the pelvis that relax during the birthing process – which may need to be restrengthened).

As well as targeting the pelvic floor, they also focus on the core for ‘foundational strength’ and incorporate breathing exercises and gentle moves.

What’s more, the workouts are just 10 minutes long – so they are more manageable when meeting the demands of a baby alongside them.

It’s worth pointing out that it’s important to get the all-clear from a medical professional before attempting to exercise after childbirth – but these workouts are suitable for people who had either a C-section or vaginal delivery.

They also include modifications based on how active you were during your pregnancy, and how intensely you’d like to start exercising again. 

Titled ‘Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby’, the program also includes mindful cool-downs with stretching and messages about self-care for new parents. And the idea is that it can be tailored based on personal preference and how active a person wants to be.

These workouts have been designed to help new parents reconnect with exercise and themselves again, following birth, and are hosted by coaches who are mothers themselves – some of whom gave birth just a year ago.

The move follows in the footsteps of Apple’s ‘Stay Active During Pregnancy’ launch last year – designed to help pregnant people feel healthy and fit.

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