Operators are reminded to obtain the necessary licences from the competent authorities

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Published: Fri 11 Aug 2023, 3:50 PM

With families frequenting swimming pools this summer, Abu Dhabi authorities have issued guidelines to ensure the community's safety.

Operators of public swimming pools must follow set regulations and maintain the highest standards, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality noted.

Regular inspections are being conducted to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, including health standards for pool workers.

The municipality listed a set of guidelines to operate swimming pools and outlined the requirements for obtaining a licence:

  • Pool should cleaned regularly, and qualified lifeguards must be present.
  • Operators must adhere to general health requirements, such as taking care of swimwear and towels and storing them properly.
  • They must check the quality of the water, and prevent any contamination caused by littering.
  • Jumping into water less than 1.2m deep from the pool’s edge must not be allowed.
  • The pool must meet the requirements of people with disabilities.
  • Operators should maintain recycling systems for proper waste disposal.
  • Water treatment should be done through recycling systems and filtration devices.
  • Disinfection should be carried out, and an effective drainage system should be in place.
  • Pool walls and floor should be cleaned daily.
  • Facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms should be available.
  • Barriers and fences should be in place to ensure the safety of pool-goers.
  • Adequate lighting, proper ventilation, and compliance with the pool’s specified capacity are essential.
  • Workers must have health fitness certificates ensuring they are free from infectious diseases.
  • There should be monitoring of water temperature, acidity levels, and the proper usage of disinfectants within safe limits.
  • Operators should obtain the necessary licences from the competent authorities.


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