Can’t afford to be lax again

The government has relaxed Covid restrictions, but public carelessness is on the rise. The last two years of pandemic have taught us so much, and yet we fail to learn of the importance of virus-appropriate behaviour. As cases are again showing a spurt in some countries, we need to be extremely cautious and can’t afford to let our guards down. Do we really want to go back to that situation again? Think again.

Sejal Kalawadiya

Follow Covid safety measures

Maharashtra is one of the most affected states from Covid. The three waves of coronavirus proved to be dangerous for the state. Despite having the deadliest situation, the state stood strong and fought the virus successfully. It is said that due to the restrictions in the first and second wave of the coronavirus, the situation in the state got better. The Maharashtra government had said several times to follow safety protocols provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The government also expressed that until and unless people do not realise the seriousness of corona, the danger will always be there. Now, the government reopened schools and colleges, with basic safety in place like masks, washing hands and the use of sanitiser.

As Maharashtra witnessed the two deadly pandemics, the government and frontliners were ready for any further waves. Hence, lockdown was lifted as it affected livelihood. But now with reports of Covid spurt in other states and countries, it is reported to be again a harmful sign for the state and nation. Hence, it is advised to follow protocols, children should get vaccinated and booster doses for eligible citizens. By following all these measures, one can save the country from the deadly virus.

Siddhi Dharmadhikari

Another lockdown with hit all sectors, again

The first and second waves of coronavirus proved to be very harmful for Maharashtra. Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune saw the highest increase in daily cases of Covid-19. Strict restrictions and lockdowns were imposed to contain the spread of the virus. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us how easy it is to get affected by events happening in other countries. We have seen how a chain reaction occurs when one country greatly suffers due to the vast number of Covid cases and how the rest of the countries face the same situation shortly after. The cases were decreasing all around the world but recently, it has been seen that in countries like China, South Korea and Europe, it is once again increasing rapidly. Considering this situation, the government is on alert and preparations are being intensified to deal with it. If another wave of Covid-19 surges in the state, then there are slight chances that the government may impose some restrictions, but I do not think that the authorities will impose a complete shutdown and lockdown once again. It is because the state government, in many instances has stated that if another wave occurs then the situation will be observed first; then any action would be taken further.

Keeping in mind that schools and colleges have reopened fully, metros and buses are functioning regularly, etc, it is very hard to say that due to the rising cases there will be a situation of lockdown. Imposing a lockdown at this stage would lead to a situation full of chaos and confusion.

But this does not mean that this situation should be taken lightly. The authorities should take measures to ensure that all the norms and regulations regarding Covid-19 are still followed properly. The vaccination of children and the booster doses for adults should be done as soon as possible. In such a situation, if a new wave of corona comes, then along with health, its effect will be seen on all the sectors of the state, again.

Manisha Swain

Will impending next wave bring restrictions?

The Omicron sub variant, BA.2 of the coronavirus is soaring on a new high everyday globally. Countries like China, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia have reimposed their rules and protocols for controlling the virus strain. According to the ministry, the daily Covid positivity rate recorded is 0.34 per cent and the last 24 hours saw an alarming rise of cases extensively even in the United States where the Omicron variant has ascendent. According to resources, nearly 1.82 billion people in India have been given the first shot of vaccination and approximately over 75% of Indian adults have been successfully vaccinated. The whole world is striving towards mass vaccination, with the fourth wave having upsurged in many countries giving India an early warning.

To answer the question that persists, will the Indian Government be forced to reimpose the restrictions recently removed, it is noted that a prediction of the fourth wave has been made starting in June and peaking in August according to a contentious modelling research conducted by scientists. Taking into account that the country is now resuming to normalcy with schools, colleges, offline businesses, entertainment sectors, and public places running at full-fledged capacities, the situation can easily turn upside-down if the mutated virus is neglected and disregarded.

On the other hand, many medicos and epidemiologists have stated the possibility of a large-scale nationwide wave of infection in India in the near future to be very low. As immunity from the two doses of vaccine may diminish over time, a booster dose would be additionally effective. As of February, India has nearly given out more than 20 million booster vaccine doses, called ‘’precautionary doses’’ by the government and the people over 60 years old having morbidities, as well as health and frontline professionals are currently eligible for the it. If the spikes in the new variant manifests in the country, the situation can be managed by not freezing into immobility but taking a few common-sensical precautions like wearing masks and avoiding unnecessary social activities. The daily news cases rate has been falling to their lowest in nearly two years, India is breathing easy. The pre covid India was awaited by almost every individual, but it may end due to the complacency towards the deadly virus. India currently holds the second position worldwide after China in vaccinating the population. It is apparent that the people together have to acknowledge this issue as well as stop being complacent towards the virus.

Batul Hakim

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