From heat rash, cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, heat waves can give light to different types of heat-related illnesses. Depending on the illness, you can develop various symptoms.

A heat rash may involve red, itchy skin, small bumps or blisters on the sweaty areas of the body, which can also lead to an infection.

Heat cramps are painful and can cause discomfort in the legs, arms and abdomen. Muscle spasms are common.

Heat exhaustion could lead to fast, shallow breathing along with muscle aches, headache, irritability, weak pulse and gastrointestinal issues. Dizziness, weakness and loss of consciousness are other common symptoms.

A heat stroke can go from mild to severe symptoms. It could lead to dizziness, red, inflamed skin, nausea, high body temperature upto 105 degrees. In severe cases, a person could have seizures, may hyperventilate, experience confusion, agitations and hallucinations.

As far as a COVID-19 infection is concerned, there could be some resemblance to the heat wave symptoms such as high temperature, fast, shallow breathing, headache, mental confusion and so on. However, one must take note of the associated symptoms. Look out for other respiratory ailments, such as a sore throat, runny nose, cough or impaired sense of smell and taste. If the body temperature cools down on its own and your symptoms ease off quickly after treatment, it is probably not COVID.

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