The singer had a complicated childhood, and this led to some complications in her relationship with her mother, Judy Moore. Pink told Entertainment Weekly in 2012, "My mom went to the Enquirer around eight years ago after some of my songs came out, she was so upset. She felt like she needed her side to be heard. So she went to the Enquirer, of all places. As you do." The tension could clearly be felt by the interviewer, who asked Pink if she was still on speaking terms with her mother, and she quickly clarified that she was and her mother would be coming for a visit soon.

When she became a mother herself, Pink took a lot of experiences with her mother to frame how she parents her children. "I want to be a better mom, no offense to my mom at all, because she did the best that she could," the pop singer explained. In her 2021 documentary, "All I Know So Far," (via Daily Mail) Pink said she was terrified of becoming a parent because she didn't want to replicate the relationship she had with her mother.

However, after she had her daughter, Willow, Pink said Moore told her, "I just never knew that parenting could be this enjoyable until I saw you do it," and this moment was life-changing for the singer. The pair have worked on their relationship and Moore occasionally makes cameos on Pink's Instagram.

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