A Swansea mum was reduced to floods of tears after her living room was renovated, removing painful memories of her battle with Covid. Mum Lombe and her husband Gregory and their two adult children all live together in their rented house in Swansea.

New Channel 4 home renovation programme, The Great Home Transformation, hosted by Nick Grimshaw and Emma Willis, transforms the homes of people whose houses just aren't working for them anymore. Now that the children have moved back in with their parents, the family home was beginning to feel very cramped.

Gregory works from home at one end of the open plan dining room/living room and is in constant conflict with his children who use the other end of the room when he is working. The living room also holds painful memories for all of the family and especially Lombe as she reveals she nearly died after collapsing on the sofa with breathing difficulties due to Covid.

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She said: "I was watching telly and suddenly, I just couldn't breathe. He (Gregory) held me in his arms and I could feel myself going and knew that this was it, I'm not going to come out of this."

Luckily, Lombe survived the ordeal and all of the family were eager for a house transformation so while Lombe went to work as a nurse, Nick and Emma joined them to help create the new perfect home. Using doors they were able to split the living room and dining room into separate rooms, giving Gregory the space he needs for work.

The living room went from this cramped space to...
BEFORE: The living room went from this cramped space to...

To this light, modern and comfortable home
AFTER: ...this light, modern and comfortable home

The sofa, where Lombe began to struggle to breathe, was also removed and replaced helping the family to move on from the traumatic time. Lombe was very emotional while looking around her revamped home and Gregory and the children also had tears in their eyes.

Wiping her tears away Lombe said: "This doesn't even look like my home. It just looks absolutely beautiful...there are not enough words in the vocabulary that can express how I feel right now, I'm just so so grateful."

Still emotional Lombe also spoke about the positive change in the living room, she said: "I kept sitting in the same seat where I nearly passed in this living room and the memories just come flooding back. It's a new page and a new day for this family."

In the show, Lombe's bedroom is also transformed, giving her plenty of storage. For more property news you can sign up to our newsletter here. The Great Home Transformation will continue on Channel 4 on Wednesday, April, 13 at 8pm.

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