The Shorebird Inn. Photo from the Shorebird Inn Facebook page.

The Shorebird Inn at Tobin Lake has gotten another COVID-19 related violation but this time will not have the option of paying a voluntary $14,000 fine.

Along with the corporate notice to the business, two individual fines of $2,800 were issued the week of Oct. 25, the SHA said.

Owner Bryan Baraniski was fined $14,000 in March, 2021 for not requiring patrons to wear masks and said publicly that he is against masks.

At the time, he was also hospitalized in Saskatoon with the breathing tube after falling ill with the COVID-19 virus.

An outbreak was declared at the Shorebird Inn on March 10, with a minimum of 15 positive cases connected to a one-week period at the business.

He had also been ticketed $2,800 in January from a December 2020 incident in which he was noted to be not wearing a mask in a violation of public health orders at the time.

The voluntary payment option for the $14,000 corporate fine will not be available for this fine said the SHA.  As this recipient has had previous tickets, a court appearance is required to speak to the charge.


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